Who's buying the beta?

If your buying the beta, see you there.


I’ll see you there!

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Of course I will!

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Come say Hi if you see me in game!

I Will Be Buying The Beta As Well Chaps!

don’t forget to tag me along :slight_smile:

I’m buying it even if it’s 6k robux

Buying it for sure!

Buying it for sure, say Hi to Angelwolf229932 if you see them

See you there

buying it c u there my guy :sunglasses:

See you guys there! :slight_smile:

I’d hope to buy the beta but it’s going to take me a few weeks after release to get into it. Even so i’m glad I will be able to afford it.

Yeah of course I will. Got spare 20 dollars to use on this amazing game to get started. So far looks good on development.

See you there.

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Bere confirmed it in a message. He is asking about a Permanent pricetag, and not a temporary one.

??? This post doesn’t make sense to me. Can you elaborate on it?

This should explain properly. He intends to make the R$1k the OVERALL pricetag, which I disagree with doing so.