Wholesome Reminder

Hello everyone, So this is just a post about something that I’ve thought about over the course of several months after rejoining Vesteria. I must admit they had us at the beginning not goin lie lol. Shoutout to David for coming in with the clutch and being a wholesome and amazing Dev along side Sk3 fantastic job you two. And shoutout to Bereza for doing nothing. I remember since day one pointing out flaws and facts about how garbage Vesteria was becoming with lack of content and we saw a light in David that we said hey? Maybe this is it man. But nah. Game shut down Bereza took yall money and time and effort and instead posted some shitty comment about how over the course of 3 months nothing has been done at all lol. Vesteria was cool it had a future but sadly with a “creator” such a Ber that game was just not going to evolve considering it still being a Beta and running like a trailer should say alot. Anyways hope yall done kissing booty and finally realizing he doesn’t care. No wonder David and Sk3 spoke up so much about how their ideas were turned down because like always it’s Ber way or no way. And for you Ber we don’t care about you. We care about the game you promised. Don’t update us on how much time you have done nothing on the game about what type of crap is that? Lol man. I’m through. :joy:

All credit for this goes to RevinRick for this masterpiece. Cheers.


Nice one Rick :cold_face:

imagine unironically posting a crying emoji

Is this a copypasta?

Of course he cares. In case you didn’t see it, he posted a topic titled “Vesteria is Dead” a few months ago, talking about the history behind Vesteria, revealing many things including the thought that went into the creation of the game, the idea behind the game and why the game was created to begin with. To anyone who read this topic, it is blatantly clear how much he truly cares about the game. Do you honestly think he would have done all of this for the money? He is clearly a very capable developer. With his skills, why not create a quick simulator cashgrab and cash out? It’s because he cares. Why did he fire Davidii? Because of his vision for the game. David didn’t share his vision. That’s just how things work sometimes. Why would he fire Davidii, if he didn’t care about what became of Vesteria?

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All the talk about the staff is what I’ve been thinking, but I just didn’t want to speak up about. Glad someone had the guts to say it.

Same. What’s going on rn is super odd


never seen an agriculture tool this mad before, looks like me when I was hating on spawn killers in ffl haha vesteria go brr * closed *

The topic where he blamed his passed dad for all his problems? Yeah ok, if he cared then he would actually listen to the community and maybe he shouldn’t silence them? I mean if you really want to build a community that hates you then @berezaa is on the right path.

We don’t all hate him