Who’s the new boss?

So before the remove the monster book, there where six bosses so who’s the new guy?
These are the bosses I know of:
•spider queen
•Mo Ko Tu Aa
•terror of the deep (R.I.P. my friend he was removed from the game for those who don’t know)
But the unsolved mystery: who’s as the 6th boss??? It looks like a giant crab
If anybody knows what it is please tell me I have been pondering about this sense I first saw it (sry I do t have a picture)

That’s going to be the new boss in the Whispering Dunes map. There was a preview for it on the Discord earlier, I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to actually get the video on here of it, but here’s a general look at it:

one of 2 i think

Wha??? Where did you find that?!? The vesteria twitter page is practically empty (no offense berezaa)

OF CORCE ITS ON DISCORD! The one social platform (and only one) that isn’t working on my computer!!!

Take the L

Imma take that L and stab discord in its controller eye. :smiling_imp:


I mean you can use Discord on your browser.

Yes but not vary well I just spent an entire week trying to Re-log into my account and even then when I’m voice calls people can here me but I can’t hear them

Create a new account then… :neutral_face:

Big buggo.

It’s not my account it’s discord in general

And I’m not making a new account

Actually, this is incorrect. The other boss in the monster book was a leviathan of sorts, not a scarab. I remember talking to a contributor who claims to have made the model for the team.

I’m pretty sure the Scarab was not even a thing when the leviathan was in the book.

Prettyyyyyy sure, the new boss is a hardened, boss-like version of those flying Beetles lol

Might wanna edit what you just said