Who remembers this deserves a veteran account v2

Hey guys remember the super early alpha period where you had to drop stuff to trade and try to not let scams happen? :joy:

But seriously that was annoying.

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Low effort my dude.

And I only did this in pre alpha.

Yeah, I traded (I forgot the amount) 100% scrolls for a dirty royal fang which I then gave away for free. I actually spent more on 100% scrolls then I needed because my inventory was full and it kept taking my money.

I mean it was on for quite some time and trading was really annoying, but I did get some free stuff from other people (not by scamming).

I remember I traded 3 100% weapons attack scrolls for 3 stacks of crabby claws so I could trade them for fish and farm spiders.

Remember when you could only throw rocks in Nilgarf

I don’t remember much about what stuff I traded but I do remember receiving a free +5 willow staff from a kind stranger.

He just asked who wanted it and dropped it.

Back when spider webs were worth less than 5 ancient scrolls and spider daggers dropped from regular spiders

Yeah sadly I didn’t have time to farm spiders for the dagger, and now I have to suffer ;-;

This is basically a nostalgia post xD

it was like 0.1% anyways if i remember correctly

Yes i remember doing this a ton, trading spider weapons for thousands of fish, somehow i was never scammed and quite a lot of the time people would drop their items first because they trusted me even though we have never met before which goes to show how nice and trustworthy the community was back then

I would still say most of the community still is pretty nice and trustworthy. Nowadays I rarely see any Beta Hate. It’s just the few players that make the game look bad, but people have to remember all the good that there is too.

Yeah most of the community is nice but compared to the good ol days of early alpha there’s a noticeable difference

Perhaps some people were nicer/didn’t scam because they didn’t want to get known for doing that or possibly get banned. It would be really sad to get banned on a game you spent 800 Robux on. Who knows? :man_shrugging:

@Meta is this discussion or just a low effort topic i need help

It is sparking discussion and it is Vesteria related so I don’t see why it should be closed.

Remember when you could get level 30 in 5 hours :weary:

Remember when the Definition of a Guild post popped up

I hated myself for not levelling myself before the XP curve balance, now I have to grind patiently (suffer)to level up.

Remember trying to level up when level 15 spiders were the highest level mob and gave 18 exp each when you were at level 24 and up and when berezaa killed the spawnrate of the spiders so 1 spider spawned every minute