Who remembers playtests

anyone remember them? how everyone would be so excited to play every week, constant new features being added, until they all stopped and now we have a content update that has been in queue for almost 3 weeks.
vesteria history:
playtests (content updates)
2 weeks + 1 day pa delay
pa release
bug fixes + anti exploit
almost 3 week delay for a content update
and it stops there now.

Yep, what happened to the consistency that we had during our playtests? As we drew close to Paid Alpha, it seems like the delays and inconsistency has begun.

yeah, it’s just like now the updates are getting slower as the features begin to be hard to develop and the accelerator program ends

and also yuji, who had no soul

praise him for one moment


I am sad we have had no update :disappointed_relieved: but also not sad because I have been on vacation and wouldn’t have gotten to play it :confused: lol

De good ol days

:clap: More :clap: people :clap: complaining :clap: about :clap: no :clap: updates :clap:

its like

it takes time to make a good update?

and maybe the update is taking so long since, you know, they are making more advanced stuff?

we received new content each week when the playtests were a thing because it was VERY basic

now look at what the upcoming update is going to give us probably

  • new weapons and armour for all classes
  • the BIGGEST CITY TO THIS DATE IN VESTERIA (aka the hunter port town)
  • new cannons so moving around the maps aren’t as painful
  • new monsters. (there is about a 99% chance that we are getting more than just goblins, otherwise even I would be disappointed)
  • a lot and I mean A LOT of bug fixes and balance changes
  • a fishing overhaul (probably)
  • runes that TELEPORT you around the map so moving around the place is even easier
  • new class representatives and the fact that you now get the class starter weapon and don’t have to buy it
  • shop overhaul
  • and many MANY more things that we don’t even know about yet

So, the content is still coming and with a bigger team size we are going to be getting MORE CONTENT THEN EVER BEFORE but you HAVE to be patient or the devs will just make a half-finished rushed update to meet the community needs

remember that they aren’t obligated to ANYTHING and can do whatever they want.
Hell, they could just abandon this project on the spot and leave with the money, sure it would be really scummy but they can do it. gladly they never will since they care and love about this game like no other.

TL;DR we are getting A LOT of new stuff in there future but you just have to wait. in the meantime you can go and like, idk, get all 3 save slots to lvl 30 or just… you know… play a different game for once?

sorry about the rant but I had to get this off my chest as I feel that the devs. are getting to much negative press and people start to complain that there are no updates and that there is ‘‘nothing stopping them from finishing it’’

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too bad for the devs, they need to send us everything and anything that has been worked on, NOW!
(dont yell at me I’m just kidding.)

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Lol it hasn’t been that long since the play tests but I do remember.

I agree, but the problem is that they didn’t announce that the update would take this long, nor have they made a forum post listing exactly what’s coming for the update. I know there’s the Trello, but I would rather just read a long list of changes such as the one you made.

  1. they told us there would be an update every 2 weeks, afterwards, they told us that the updates will come out WHENEVER they have something ready.

  2. changelog will come once the update comes if you aren’t happy with that you are free to collect spoilers or go to the trello.