Who owns the stinger?

who owns it? i wanna offer a trade

look below

if you own the stinger,and your ok with trading it,can i buy it for 1 or 2 g? im looking to get it and if you dont want to,may you say how much you woruld sell it for?

two minutes and apparently i gotta bump?

I actually know the person who won it. Though I feel like they ain’t trading it at all.

lets just see,and if he/she declined it’ll be alright

Even if they were they’re definitely not selling it for 2g that’s for sure lol

R3TR0 has the stinger

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whats a stinger

This stinger (I think) Is the Stinger already out?

Anyone know is he is still selling and if yes does anyone know his disc?

You shouldn’t have bumped this topic and instead messaged him on the forums.

You can search individuals on the forums?

Yes you can either click on their profile and click message or press the search icon in the corner and type the name.

Alr ty

what stinger

Bruh can you take this to dms

A weapon that was gonna be released, so 1 copy was given away to someone by berezza, but since the stinger wasn’t released there is only one stinger in game

I’m going to collect this item and then curse it. To then blow it up.

But actually tho, since this was bumped I kinda want it now.

ancients are better

rip blufirezero’s nice gold stinger. it was epic while it lasted