Who Makes Quality Posts?

You may have seen who is most active here in the forums, and I gotta say I’m not part of that club. So I’ve come with a different approach, Who Makes Quality Posts?

i do my bige-est brian allow me to make great posts liek this 1

I agree with you

ok make poll im too lazy

  • kevcrusher make best posts
  • kevcrusher make best topics and posts
  • kevcrusher make best stuff
  • ┏━┓┏━┓ ┏━━━┓
  • ┗┓┗┛┏┛ ┗┓┏┓┃
  • ︱┗┓┏┛︱ ︱┃┃┃┃
  • ︱┏┛┗┓︱ ︱┃┃┃┃
  • ┏┛┏┓┗┓ ┏┛┗┛┃
  • ┗━┛┗━┛ ┗━━━┛

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Do I make quality posts?

  • Yes
  • No

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You can follow this example or something. Also I plan on making the top 5 people who have the least “Yes”'s be placed into a poll and also with the top 5 people who have the most “Yes”'s be placed into a poll.

the most quality poster must be berezaa

Do I make quality posts?

  • Yes
  • No
  • That was supposed to be a post?!?!?!

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I’d like to think I make decent posts, but I also have a hints of trash posting in the off topic section, and of course there was the few unfortunate days that I got into arguments alot a lil while back so I’d rate myself a 7/10 on the post scale as of now

i dont trash post i rate myself 11/10 would make a post again!

I have trash posts. I have no useful posts. But I have some reasons to say I’m active. And I’m 100% not popular, literally every topic I post has at least one hate reply. xd

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I like da foobs!

Also Kev u must mean -11/10.

Um mwe