Who Is Your Favorite Author & What Is Your Favorite Book?

Who Is Your Favorite Author?

  • Scruff ~ An Infected Town
  • Lil Pump~ Guide To The Factions
  • Mr. Bones~ A Guide To The Desert
  • Chad~How To Defend The Elderly
  • Admiral Hugo~ Guide To Marine Warfare
  • Sir Tristian ~ A Book On Heavy-Hitting
  • Greybeard~ How To Read Scrolls In An Instant
  • Rat King~ How To Tame A Batty
  • Barber Streisand ~ Curling Your 'Stache, An Experience

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I prefer Einrich The Manablooded’s “How To Create Your Own Runes”

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Pie chart, thats new

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Ah Yes, I Knew I Was Forgetting Another Of The Mage Brethren

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shouldn’t rat king know how to tame a ratty instead of a batty? that’s why he’s called rat king not bat king

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How do I read this

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I also borrowed this book from this totally random dude named Damien Clearwillow

it’s called the Secret Of Stealth, it’s written by Everett Raldez
Pretty good read


Where is Peregrine ~ How to bully scarabs and other things?

Yes, where is Peregrine? I think that book should be called Archery: Dead at Distance


I Cant Edit Poll :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: