Who is this Vincent dude?

boss quest giver

OH Yes!

oh hail the chair god YEAS

where do you see this Vincent dude you talk about here?

vincent u ok bro

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I see the sh4d0ws in my r00m

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Legit, is there even gonna be a freakin vit heavy subclass for hunter
(edit: just wondering cuz i spent heccin 200 silver just to try and get all str)(and also realizes Iwont be able to buy anything in hunter city… man hec u vincent)

when you have 75 vit and 800 hp

ok m8 I didn’t die yet >:c(but im not going to since I now have enough silver to reroll B)

Vincent is insane…

Are people really getting the points all in one stat? I’ve spent 600 silver and that has happened zero times, all I get is garbage.

Yeah, ber said he got all INT. And Joey got all VIT.

How does this ‘‘scrambling’’ thing even happen?
I wanna test it out but don’t want to lose all my perfectly balanced stats, as all things should be

I tried it out myself, he ended up giving me 18 str, 23 vit, and 27 INT, 0 dex. I would prefer less VIT and more INT but o well

I think he just kinda randomly shuffles around your stat points… This can be pretty good or pretty bad; I kinda liked my old build before this shuffle, but oofity

Yeah, I’d rather just keep the stats I selected rather than getting random ones that could be trash.

oh w o w
this does more harm than good since my deck is specifically made for my playstyle.
This is a no-go for me lads.

There’s a (4^90) to 1 chance you’ll get exactly what you want

Uhh no