Who here is going to go for level 100 adventurer

i have fond memories of doing that in maplestory

Considering Level 30 Is The Max Level, Getting Level 100 Is Pretty Difficult.

I mean, Polymorphic and Berezaa are level 999. So it can’t be to hard the games only existed for 16 weeks.

(Don’t yell at me I’m memeing.)

Oh wait it’s a joke.

In all seriousness that sounds like a terrible idea and like nofear said, the level cap is 30.

I’m going for having one slot at max adventurer. (When paid releases)

Lol, that sounds pretty great. But I don’t know if I could do that.

Yeah, I like the game and all, but with IRL commitment level 100 seems far away.

Nah, level 100 is fine, the problem is getting level 100 as an adventurer.

What’s IRL commitment? :wink:

School; My school is very prestigious so I have less free time then most my age.

Oh, I was just kidding. But I think you know that. I am sorry, I am socially awkward cough
(please don’t hate me)

Nah your good. It’s nothing too personal so I’m happy to share.

Me probably, I would like to complete Vesteria 100%.

Good luck having a pitchfork carry you that far

Highest Adventurer Weapon Is The Axe, So Good Luck With Having The Axe Carry You That Far.

How do you get the axe

You Can Get Them From The Crabs. Though I Believe You Can Also Buy It, Though I Am Not Sure About That.

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Oh, no wonder why i never see it

What Reason For That Then?

Last weekend was my first playtest and I couldn’t overpower the bugs so I couldn’t kill them unfortunately