Who else is halfway to Aficionado Badge?

I joined the forums late so not me, who is tho? (btw it’s 100 days in a row visiting the forums)

noT mE :wink:

Yikes, I take breaks from the forums so I’m definitely not getting that

I might be close to halfway

I believe I am like halfway if I did visit on all those days consecutively.

I slipped Berezaa’s dog a few treats and I think I’m a little ahead of y’all, now.

Aw man i didn’t know about this, i mean i wouldn’t of got it cause of camping trips but i regret taking that long break after alpha came out because i don’t have the game…

Haha I would be if I didn’t get burnt out from a month on non stop vesteria.

Guess Who Is.

Somehow it says that I have 51 days visited in my profile. I have no clue how this is possible since I haven’t been on in almost 3 weeks now.