Whispering Dunges Gear vs Forsaken Isle Gear

So, currently, all the gear that I use on 3 different slots (Assassin, Paladin, Sorceror) is from Forsaken Isle. Mokotuaa weapons and armor from Peppercot.

So, as an assassin, I use a bow when I need to stay back and attack from a distance. Right now I use the Tuaa Bow, with rhythmic splinting, because I can shoot 4 times and only use 1 arrow, meaning I don’t have to buy as many arrows. So, my question is, should I acquire a bow from Whispering Dunes and replace my Tuaa Bow, and if so, which?

Now, additional question. Are there any Whispering Dunes heavy weapons for paladins? (Hammers, Greatswords, etc.) and if so, should I acquire one for my Paladin slot to replace my current Moko Maul?

Finally, my sorcerer slot. The perk for Tuaa Staff is really cool, but are there any other staffs that have better perks that are worth trying?


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For bows, it really depends on your stat build. If you’re running what is currently considered to be the meta (50 DEX, rest STR) then you’ll want to keep your Tuaa Bow because otherwise you will drain your arrows too quickly to be worthwhile.

For daggers (even though you didn’t ask), it’s worth replacing the Moko Dagger with any of the new daggers, really. Terul’s Talon sticks out as being really good, especially during night, and as you can see by this topic Savage Shank can be pretty good as well.

Not entirely sure about Warrior/Paladin gear, so I can’t really help you on that.

For Sorcerers, I personally use Astrologist’s Staff despite the perk not being all that great (most of the time the stars end up not locking on to your target and if they don’t then even if they pass through they wont hit) just because of the damage. Webbed Staff is still really good for bosses, especially if you have DEX to increase the number of Magic Bombs you fire.

there is a cudgel which is two handed. which means its paladin. u get the cudgel from the dustwurms. 0.39% drop chance

Does the cudgel have any cool perks that might make it better than Moko Maul?

I don’t believe it currently has any perks, although it does deal more damage. Remember that, as of the last few stat reworks, weapon attack is the main factor taken into account when fighting. Although it doesn’t stun, it definitely deals more damage. The same could be said for the rest of the Dunes weapons with no perks, although most of the higher-level ones have good perks that make them much more powerful then they otherwise would be.

I feel like the stun on Moko Maul might be more useful. Do you think I should keep it or get the cudgel?

I’d say drop heavy weapons entirely. I play Paladin, and heavy weapons just aren’t enough. They hit twice as slow as light weapons but still deal the same damage. The only good thing about them is increased size. You could probably get a 1.5-2x multiplier on DPS if you swap to a light weapon. There’s a good one, Vesra’s Eviscerator, which has high base attack (141), 5 upgrade slots, and grants increased damage and life regeneration during the daytime. Stacked with max Prayer of Comfort this can grant 20-30 health per second.

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How would I obtain this weapon?
Also if I were to completely ditch heavy weapons, what swords would you recommend?

Vesra’s Eviscerator can be earned from quests in the Whispering Dunes. It is currently the best warrior weapon, with most others either having bad/no perks, small hitboxes, or lower damage. It is not a heavy weapon, which I now realize my previous reply may hint that it is.

Which quest? The Temple?

Journal pages quest