Whispering Dunes so Far

  1. This shield has like zero purpose. I don’t think “damagetakenmult” does anything.
  2. I can easily abuse the Watch Tower boss by standing behind a wooden pole, so he can’t shoot me. I am in an empty server which makes it so I can get free bows constantly.
  3. The armor that cost 1.1 gold is useless compared to the barrel. Maybe reduce the defense the barrel has.
    In conclusion, buff the shield. Buff the boss, make it so it requires more players to join the server for it to spawn, and increase the health.

The shield actually reduces damage taken by 30%. It stacks with the Steadfast perk, which adds up to taking half the damage a non-Warrior would take.


Thanks for the clarification.

Barrel too op plz nerf

They answered your plead for help. Amen lol

barrels are gone?

No, barrels exist, just they’re nerfed by like 40 somethin defence lol.
(and -2.5 walk speed)

oh ok thanks

I meant the barrels of arrows at Auktufiti’s Watchtower.

Assuming your a ranger main still from your posts about it, good luck when I have double your health and my meteor can 1 shot like 5 of you at the same time.

Bruh I was gonna use my Berserker Alt

It’d whup your sorcerer a**, no problem.

Ok, I’d like to see you try. Nilgarf 5pm PST tomorrow. All attacks allowed. Best out of 5.

My user is DeathEvasion

Wish I could do it, but I just can’t be on at that time.

BTW this is Doofus_12 . I had to use my alt because someone decided to suspend my main for “inappropriate comments”.

Ok, give me the time and I’ll be on

Barrel, which I think you mean Portable Water, has been nerfed.

Yeah, I said that a month ago and my plea was heard