Whispering Dunes Map (Version 1.4)

thank you so much @LasagnaRice for letting me use your chest guide!!

Here is a top-down map of the Whispering Dunes. Hope it helps.
Now with Version 1.4: Chest locations
Please note that Page 3 is only a rough estimate. It’s exact location is by a campfire in the scorpion ravine.

Credit to @cap4o for helping me find the sun shards!


thanks bro i needed this


Thanks. I was so confused without the map.

By the way, I need to ask: How did you actually get the image for the map? Did you recreate it or is it from somewhere else? If you recreated it, extremely impressive job.

The game took a while to load, and it briefly showed the entire map like this. I did add in the border however

Thanks my dude

map is now updated with locations for shards and also crystal beetle shop location
please tell me if you find any errors


my tactic of leaving vesteria for a couple hours to let people find them and give them to me worked

Is it possible for you to update it with the location of the pages for the Journal Quest?

Yeah I’m currently trying to do that

Alright, thanks a ton. I made a forum post about it and another other issue / possible bug Iv’e been having… Page 4 of Journal Quest & Is the Temple open? Besides, Dunes is awesome!

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journal and pages locations have been added

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bro cap4o is so cool am i right guys

put bubbley on the cool list k thanks

add a nice little “Scarab” here as well https://gyazo.com/24a6058117a2cf66cc406bbf9bdc2f95

i went to where it says the page is between jorunal oasis and the scorpion pit but it wasnt there

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It should be by tent by a water place