Whispering Dunes Feedback

Hey, all. We released the big new update today to what appears to be some success. But I’d love to hear what you all think about it. So, you know, let loose. Let’s hear it, good, bad, and in-between.


the worm pit obby is horrible for mages, rest is amazing.

Less foggy?


Overall is amazing, but i think that a side quest with a map of the dunes as a reward would be perfect

The exploration themes are really amazing and I always get lost in the dunes even if I’ve already seen everything. One thing that I don’t like about this update is the class bias, be it with the parkour or with the fact that hunters and mages are the only ones to get le epic perks. Other than that, the new zone and enemies are amazing and I am looking forward to the balancing of the game, more specifically warriors.

Edit: On a side note, I’d really love to see a consumables shop in the whispering dunes. Thank you for everything and keep the great updates coming.


My scout(assasin)is doing it’s job perfectly.Speeding through the deserts are enourmous speeds.
Can’t wait for the Dungeon.
Did the tablet quest.
Doing the Pages now.

There should’ve been a stat reset, most of us cant just buy stat resets all the time or have the ability to just go to forsaken and get some let alone even have the luck to get one from the boss. So we cant exactly live up to the games meta for our class rn


it is good but hell for mages since parkour sucks for us

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I want the perk menu back.


I feel the dunes are poorly optimized for warriors. there is a pit near the entrance that warriors cannot get out of, Cactus Grove parkour is very challenging without bananas. otherwise its amazing and i love the exploration!!

Bandit raids are cool too


I really enjoyed this update. It has a decent amount of content and overall I’d say that it’s well made. One problem is that the dunes isn’t warrior friendly because the wurm pit is practically impossible to do.

The map is too big and too foggy for a quest where you have to collect 6 small pieces that are scattered around it with sometimes no clear indication of where they are. I know the game is supposed to be harder now, but it’s just obnoxious;

The weapon rewards from the water bucket quest dont even have perks;

There should have been a stat reset with the new stat perks so people are able to experience the whole thing without having to grind 2 more hours for one.


It’s definitely a different take to how people have wanted to play Vesteria. Large-scale fetch quests aren’t so bad in such huge maps.

It’s unrealistic to request but I feel the area would be enhanced through the addition of more content similar to journal logs, or additional NPC you can find by exploring the map who give you information or tell interesting stories.

In terms of actual gameplay mechanics: My impressions have been that any Melee builds are almost immediately swept away by the mob encounters. It’s incredibly discouraging to actually explore the map without the Blink of a Mage or the Double Jump of a Hunter and that some of the parkour quests feel impossible for a Warrior and just areas of the map they can’t even escape but Hunter & Mage factions can. It’s a giant disadvantage to play as a CQC (which is what I have always used when playing Vesteria.

no idea what to do and you 99% will have to ask for help at one point

running around is annoying

these are mostly fine tho

there is just no one to say “hey do this next” or even like a hint on what to do
you just find a place and check everything there
which I mean
it works

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what happened to the mage bomb i only have one shot and it does the same damage as one shot with multiple

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it changed so the more dex you have the more bombs you make

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pretty nice but anything that isn’t an assassin might struggle a lot with the sun tablet quest

no its just near impossible

i think its really good. but the game needs optimizing, ive been getting alot of lag spikes even tho my system resources are not being used up, ive also have had this problem in forsaken isles. but overall i really like the new update, new mobs; new weapons; new armor; new quest and much harder.

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Well you need a minimum of 35 DEX to get 2 bombs. 70 DEX for 3 and 120 DEX for 4.

INT increases the blast radius.

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