Which vases do I pick up after I collect all the pages

Help please lol!

it’s rng (i believe).
edit: it’s apparently not. read answer’s reply below.

if you pick the wrong one just leave and rejoin before you die to try again.

how do you know if it’s the correct one or not before you die?

if it’s correct he will instantly prompt you to choose a weapon as a reward.

if not, the screen will shake (i think) and red gas will start falling from the ceiling.

If I’m not mistaken, the correct vase to pick is the one that matches the one in the centre of all of the other vases.

Not the one in the middle itself, but the one that matches it among the vases around the middle.


yup, you are correct. Thank you. I died once tho :frowning:

lmao i just chose the broken vase and got it right by accident