Which is better for cash: Rubees or Crabby?

I am looking to find dyes right now and for that I want to find the greatest method to obtain the cash, is it rubee drops or is it crabby claws to fish? Please inform me of which is better. Thanks!


also depends on how fast you can kill rubees vs how fast you can kill crabbies, but for the most part prob rubees

People have told me Crabby’s because you can exchange 5 Claws for 1 Fish, and a stack of Fish can be sold for 9.9 Silver or however much it is.

Honestly though, I feel I make a LOT more money from Rubees, not even accounting for the God-useful drops such as Vitality Potions, Orange Potions, and Ancient VIT Scrolls.

It depends on the amount of each mob but I find rubees to spawn more and a stack of fish sells for 7.9s not 9.9s

Ty for clarifying.

Even worse than I thought.

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I would say Rubees. They drop useful items and are pretty easy to kill.

I’d say rubees. Scrolls can be sold to players, Tomahawks, and the fact that it drops both Eyes and Stingers I think are much better than Crabbys. Idk though.


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Ancient VIT’s aren’t used because everybody wants… anything else.

Mainly referred to the Orange Potions - not like Crabby’s have a chance of dropping any Ancient scrolls.

Yes, that’s right

Rubees confirmed.