Where'd you come from?

So this is a thread, well basically just answer the above question in replies
I came here from the berezaa games discord when I randomly checked it one day
I’m glad I did

I came from the roblox homepage, thanks to my friends testing it.

About 3 Saturdays ago I was scrolling through the games list, and there it was. Vesteria Demo.
After playing Vesteria that day, I cried so many tears of joy. :blush:

I found it off berezaa’s twitter, and decided to try it.

I Pretty Much Always Scroll Through The Most Popular Games, And I Just Noticed This With Around 200 Players.

from ber’s twitter

i found this on the suggested list when i played fantastic frontier. sadly its dead tho i hope that dose not happen here to many good games die after a month of release.
Edit: since this text it had an update and there has bin 700 people on its not dead

It Is Only “Dead” Since The Game Isn’t Open.

Well I came here from the Miner’s Haven discord server since it’s just stress testing… and played first time in week 14 playtest lol

oh (filler text)

from Ber’s twitter

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