Where'd the guild update go?

Guilds are in a tight situation right now, mostly because of the lack of reason to have one right now. Here are some problems most people have right now:

  • The Guild Leader cannot leave the guild (add transferred ownership)
  • The guild stash does not exist
  • Guild buffs do not exist
  • Guild notices do not exist

Spread the word!
Unless action is taken, guilds will die out!

I agree. We’ve been needing a guild update for a while now, and i’m actually stuck in a guild. I’m literally soulbound to a guild called Soul Bound. Help!


i t
w a s
p l a n n e d

was planned.

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Berezaa: uses things for things they weren’t meant to be used for
Also Berezaa: Ok I shouldn’t have done that, now I’m not gonna touch it until Roblox adds things that make me able to do it correctly.


Yeah guild update please, and preferably guild territories and guild wars as well

Guild wars could be a good idea except for the death penalty.

i would like more guild stuff, all of this would be a great addition to the game right now.

although it is probably really hard to code things like this

Nah guilds are stinky - #noguildgang