Where to Buy Fish?

The wiki says that Fresh Fish can be bought in the Colosseum. However, when I go to the merchant (“Spoils of Glory”), they don’t have Fresh Fish. Is there another merchant I am unaware of?
Also, other than the Whale Tale questline and Shelly, is there any other way to obtain Zebra Fish?

I do not believe that there is a place to buy fish. Also information from the wiki may be incorrect.

You could obtain Zebra fish through fishing however fishing doesn’t work right now.

I remember snel’s dropping zebra fish, but idk if that’s changed or not with the new loot drops.

Cant you get fresh fish from trading crabby claws to the guy at seaside path

yea you still can.
10 crabby claws for 5 fresh fish

you could get it from chests in shipwreak, scallop, and seaside

Yeah, I know about that, was looking for an easier way to get them in bulk (farming Crabbys isn’t hard, just tedious). I know what I am doing while waiting for people to carry through the Gauntlet. I mean, average of 2 claws per crabby, 1 fish per 2 claws, average of 23 crabbys per stack.