Where is This Game Going (Not Negative Post)

Berezaa just Randomly decided to throw this leak into mushtown like 5 Minutes ago

Did we not literally have an update increasing how strong mobs are,
Then This
The Games Evolving just Backwards

This could be a joke but i feel like its not

This should not happen because i feel no where in the game something does too much damage, maybe some stupidly dumb hitboxes but no issues with the actual damage they deal.
It is a change that scales down but as you get to higher levels you get more abilities, more movement, more ways to not die and more ways to do damage so you should die faster
I see 0 Reason why this should be Implemented in my opinion but i want to hear yours

I know this may be a bit early to be concerned about this, but im just curious

Should This Change Be Implemented into the game

  • Yes
  • No

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I have voted yes.

The updates were intended to provide emphasis into allocating points into Vitality but having played the game from my own experience of recently making several new characters, regardless of devoting all points into Vitality Baby Shrooms would 2-3 shot you, and of course after dying as a starter you would always be sent back to Mushtown.

The damage was just too much.

EDIT: I think a few people don’t think about receiving as much damage as they are, for the level they are. The fact that Mo Ko Tu Au can potentially one-shot via it’s Lightning attack to one-shot a level 45 (1750-1850 damage) as a level 35 Boss just makes it blatant how much damage it does.

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They increased damage to attempt to spike difficulty. It was too much, now they’re balancing it.

Im Looking at this change as one of those changes to make sure new players can get through the forest without dying which goes against something he said himself im 99% Sure
He said something like i would rather have a player quit out of pure frustration over quitting of boredom
I see not much issue with a baby shroom 3 shotting if it has the most predictable dodgeable attack in the game
Vit should make you live longer but thats a vit issue not a damage issue

About what you said about the lightning attack i think that attack specifically might need a 10% Damage nerf and thats it, Lightning spawns in the same spot everytime making it predictable and if you get hit by it because of stamina that is sort of your own fault
Also it only 1 shots lvl 45s because their is no lvl 40 to 45 gear yet which will scale the player up much more than the tiki stuff

You may be right. Maybe it is too much of a damage nerf - but I have definitely experienced and completely understand why Berezaa has lowered how much damage a few of the mobs are dealing.

I am sure if they are made too low they will be raised back, but the damage was still insanely high, especially considering the recent death penalty.

I just think if they made Vit Worth it and made all the hitboxes in a way that you can learn to dodge them it would be completely unneccessary

Fixing hitboxes would make it so its rewarding to dodge while punishing to get hit
A big 2 to fix would be Shrooms foot hitbox and crabs hurtbox and hitbox

Decreasing the amount of damage you deal would make interactions feel less satisfying because the mob hit you like 69% more than it could now and you still came out and won even though it hit you so much you should be dead

Their is a sweatspot and i might be rambling but this is way over the sweatspot

For me I didn’t die a single time in mushtown on my new save slot, and I think avoiding getting hit is the point of the high damage done by shrooms, baby shrooms and etc. To be honest, I was a little surprised by the damage(I hadn’t read about the damage buff to mobs yet), but adapted quickly to only fight single enemies and circle around them.

Overall, no change is the move. The high damage encourages players to use some strategy in defeating mobs, not just relying on pure damage/defense to get by.

yes i died literally 8+ times on my adventurer save file from lvls 1-15

These changes are unneccesary. Fix the core problems with the low level vitality perks first. (regeneration+ at 5 points is literally useless, even for adventurers. And 10% base health regeneration is not worth 10 points.)

I said yes this should be implemented. The game’s current early gameplay may not seem difficult to us experienced Vesterians, but to new players it is a bit too hard. They will be constantly dying, losing a lot of exp and money. Think about what you would do if you came in blind into the game, without any friends to help you out. You would probably die a LOT, and might quit and deem Vesteria as too hard. By making early game easier it is encouraging players to be more experienced and to play more. Once they are past farming the shroom family, they should be equipped with enough knowledge as to not constantly die in the harder areas. Also hasn’t literally everyone complained that mo ko tu aa was too hard? I see this change as a good change

Death Teaches newer players how to play and what not to do so if they die alot and quit that’s on them
I’m 99% sure ber himself said I would rather have a player quit out of frustration over boredom
Changes to a game that make it more noob friendly are only good if it’s a complaint about issue
People complain that the early game is too grindy not too hard
Changes that help a noob walk 2 extra steps turn the game into a relaxing game again which ber is against
Changes for the lower skilled portion of a playerbase are bad because they negatively effect the fun of the game and the players on the higher end of skill by making it unfun

To quote berezaa:

Either way, I don’t think damage should be reduced. If you are taking too much damage, that just means you aren’t playing the game well. Damage is not meant to be something you tank (unless your build specifically is about tanking damage like Knight) but something to avoid.

at low levels, putting some points into vitality does absolutely nothing. it’s not very welcoming to get 2-shot before even getting into the actual game. adventurers don’t have any abilities to dodge any kind of damage, they’re always up close.

People did complain about the game being too hard in the early game, you die too quickly. This also makes early-game boring since you have to dodge everything while not having the capability to do so, encouraging a hit and run playstyle and only that. You do know that 80% (give or take) of players don’t make it to Nilgarf, right?

That screenshot is nearly half a year old. We don’t know the updated statistics on how many people make it to Nilgarf.

Also, to respond to your reply to my reply, the better solution would be to just buff Vit or increase Dex dodge chance at lower levels.

if you want to keep 2-shot to low levels, you’d have to buff VIT a lot. it adds 5 hp a point. DEX would also have to be buffed a lot, almost to the point where high level dex builds have ultra-high block rates.

Yeah, VIT really needs a buff. It should really be at least 20hp/point, which might sound overpowered once you get 100 points in VIT, but really actually evens out nicely with how much damage enemies are currently doing (not to mention the lack of damage you’ll be doing with no points in other categories).

As for DEX, maybe replace the stamina perk with a higher block chance perk, and move the rest of the perks down (stamina becomes 10 dex, jump and movement becomes 20, etc.)

unsure about the vitality part since some people would have 4,000+ hp compared to others’ measly 1800, maybe there could be a higher incentive for every class to put points into vitality.

i agree with your ideas for DEX.

That’s the thing though, people with 4000+ HP will be doing extremely little damage compared to others because they don’t have those points in STR or INT. Sure, you’ll do a pretty good amount of damage owing to the new level increasing damage and health buff, but nothing crazy.

Essentially, you have the option of playing as a glass cannon (full STR or INT, no VIT), a tank (all VIT, no STR or INT) or a mix of the two (some STR and INT, some VIT).

I feel this is a much needed tweak as I have died many times to Mokotuaa’s one shotting lightning attack as a Level 45

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