Where do you think the 2nd gate of Nilgarf should go?

Now that Forsaken isle and Whispering Dune locations have been revevaled, it is less obvious what would be behind this gate.

Another dungeon? Something guild related? Player markets?

What would you want behind this gate? Why?

A “crossroads” type area that branches the Vesra and Terul paths of the game.

imagine a city devoted to Terul’s power and darkness?

they should make it so its either a complete triangle/right triangle from the two that are already made

Either Valley of the Gods or Badlands

Valley of the Gods is redwood pass branch.

I think the badlands should be near the Whispering Dunes

and that’s not coming

It is still planned, however, it is not to be confused with the Whispering Dunes.

okay, give me an example of a badlands item that isn’t basically whispering dunes now lol


I am not here to prove anything to you.

It’s not a area, it’s a pvp enabled warzone -_-

I say Nilgarf guild area/path to guild war arena. Basically some related to guilds

Bere said one time in whispering dunes that the gate is going to be a high lvl area, unfortunately I cannot find those text images.

Wonder what high level area it would be.

Same he didnt get to much into detail but it would be the next map update or the one after that I think.

Maybe a grassy area like crossroads, but instead it will be overrun by scarecrows, and as a quest you’ll have to take them down before any NPCS go there. After the scarecrows have been pushed away, it will be a good place to grind and the scarecrows will be blocked off by walls so you wont have to constantly deal with them chasing you.
It wouldn’t be smart to have a literal desert badlands or a giant guild warfare right next to a civilized city.