Where did all the people who were here when the forum was made go?

I haven’t seen much of them post lately.

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They’ve Vanished Into The Abyss.

Or they just dont post often

They are known as the ancients and they have been slumbering for countless days waiting for the time again to awake and play Vestaria.

Probably got bored.

They Obviously Got Destroyed By Level One Shrooms.

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Yup. That too.

They went to Disneyland

Do I count as one of the people when the forum was made?

Well, hmm, I suppose so

It’s okay ;-; I know I am not one of the popular kids. Please don’t hate.

At least you are an enthusiast AND a member unlike me

Hehehe. I get on almost every day, I just don’t always post.

Im still here active scene day 1 except not really except really.

I’ve made 1 post on the old forum.

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Oof ur post got rekt

I’m still here :^0. Just lurking.

Eeeeh, that might of been me. I wish it went away as quickly as discord o_o

I died in the game so I died in real life.

Rest In Peace For You Then.