Where are all the hunters at?

Hi, as a resident hunter, I haven’t seen a lot, especially not on the forum. Come show your stabby stabby pride!

(I’m aware of similar topics, but they are all from over a month ago.)

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What do you mean? I see more hunters than any other class!

I personally am a mage. I stand for the explodey-splodey-pride.


im a hunter and warrior main. mages suckkk.

warrior master race, it’s facts. you can’t beat 'em

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Listen to le warrior ^

I want to play mage but its so hard to level them (this is before the mage fix)

Mate, but have you heard of any adventures, HUH?


Sets all four active skills on, alternates between rock throwing and dagger throwing, constantly clicking, while occasionally using Execute and Regeneration

The ultimate spam potential for using every skill possible. XD

You’re not meant to see them… or hear them… or know they’re coming. They’re more patient than you or I… more deadly…

Warrior are meant for WAR!!! Hunters can go and hunt rabbits and deer. Also mages are overrated because they have the most stuff in game right now.

Though hunters are pretty neat ngl.


  • for the past age, Mages were seen as the worst class, most underrated, and overall bad. They didn’t have all this gear, their skills were glitchy and buggy… Just trash.

update happens

  • “Mages are so overrated”

Mages were just updated my guy. They are obviously going to be popular when there’s an update dedicated to them. If anything, we’re getting attention we deserve after being ignored for months.

What is it with you and mages? You seem to get so defensive over it and it’s just horrible to watch.

At first I really wasn’t so defensive. It’s just that of the three factions, mages receive the most criticism by quite a margin. I’ve grown tired of it as I am quite fond of using the Mage. After weeks of hearing your favored class get insulted, you grow weary of the insults. It wasn’t until these past few days that I really started at it all.

I really should stop, I’ll take a day or two to relax from the forums and Vesteria in general to get back onto the right mindset.