When's the new update gonna hit?

So i started playing yesterday. I’m already level 22 and almost +7 all my armor and weapon. I’m kinda bored from day 2. When is the 1.2 update gonna be released and what’s the scedule now that it has been broken?

Dude, we literally just got 1.1.1 :laughing:

1.2 Update can be expected the Saturday after this weekend.

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Alright thanks man :slight_smile:

Start a new slot, attempt to get a decent wep, or just play the game and grind if u want thats what most people have been doing. A big one is trying to grind to one gold (1k silver)

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Or just find another game until the new update.

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Hi MrWerewolf21,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the game! Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve already eaten through pretty much all of the content that we have to offer at this time.

At this point, we recommend taking a break from Vesteria until further content is added, which will be in anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

You can attempt to grind to Level 30, as a lot of people have done, but that might get pretty boring. If you’re bored, just come back again in the future. You’ve already secured your status as an Alpha player and will get sweet exclusive rewards when we release Beta ~5-6 months from now.


Haha, see there honey, most of us don’t have lives so we don’t have to worry about grinding for level 30.

oww that’s sad…but it’s okay take your time. I and and i believe all of us can wait if it means good content will come :wink:

Can we get a #increaselowlevel curve

Yeah I made it to level 22 as a warrior and have 200 silver, so I think I am going to try out Mage or get to level 25 as warrior.

Yup, that statement is pretty much correct, well to me it is. I’m already level 30 so, I have suffered the boredom. I think you should take a break instead of grinding to level 30 since you have like 5-6 months to do so, but it is your choice if you want to attempt it or not.