When's PA releasing?

Been waiting on the demo, but I have a question. If the demo’s open, when will PA open?

Don’t make me do what pretty much most of the sci-fi community did to Phoenix for QSML3

soon. very soon

It will be released soon. Just be patient, even though berezaa delayed Vesteria two times lol.

he should at least release it a bit early for 2 weeks of wait :wink:


Do I have permission to scream for PA now? Smash my monitor?

Shake my head, don’t smash your monitor!

forces your head off with brute force

HEY that’s my property D:

forces your monitor off with electrical force

fixes it

want me to bring up my secret ingredient?

uhh no
shoves a sword directly into your heart and all your veins

throws WATER on monitor

the water gets evaporated along with you

Fine fine fine you win :c