When you think of making the tutorial an introduction

Idea: Well… Kind of a stretch, but here we go.

You wake up in a black void, as a white model. This is the character customization. After customizing, you see a door. As you enter, you hear someone calling out your name. Then, as you open the door…

You were at Mushtown. Someone told you your name is [insert username here], and informed you about the town’s recent problems. As you go by through the world of Vesteria, you constantly see images of a man in a black coat, as if he was saying something.


Yeah, let me know what you think could be a good tutorial, please. Might help a lot.

Hearing about something is a pathetic way to want to sell your life to joining it. I get it but for a game… too boring. Like maybe you were about to die or something and someone from the 3 main class guilds saved you from a really HIGH level monster. Now that would be epic.

.-. Yeah, now that I think about it… BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

Lol good luck

Thanks. Mind helping me with ideas, though? Kinda dry. .-.

Idk xD if I think of anything I will just post it. Also you might want to move it to the New Features section of the forum, cause this post will probably get removed.

I kinda got an idea for a tutorial… Maybe take what you said, but, say, it’s a Rogue player. What I mean is a jerk who just goes about his day ruining others by, idk, random killing?

delete this.

Nope, not for another 10 years. I still got more to say, bruh.

This is not a guide. Wrong category.

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.-. Sorry. Gonna fix that in a second.

It isn’t really a tutorial if it isn’t teaching anything, it’s more of an introduction.