When you set your "Pick up" Action to your clicker

Warning: This is only done with an Auto Clicker. Yes, this does mean I have one, but it’s only for experimental purposes.

Heya, everyone. Glad to be back, and… Well… You all know what the title says. XD

So I tried playing some Vesteria on my Hunter Save file, and I got my auto clicker up to see if anything glitches with it. Y’know, so that stupid noobs like me don’t go through this.

But when I opened settings on accident MID BATTLE… I was clicking the Pick Up Icon. It turned into: ???

I didn’t get it at first, but it flashed blue when I clicked… You know where this is going, right?

In case you don’t… I set my Clicker to “Pick Up” by simply spam clicking “Pick up” and an area outside the settings box. There, you happy, Berezaa?! Jeez.

Yeah please fix this. .-.

This is known. There is currently no restriction to what key you can bind things to. Many people bind their pick up to “W” so that they can move and pick up at the same time. This will all be patched eventually.

Please use detailed titles that explain the issue when filing bug reports. Low effort bug reports make it harder to fix the issues. Don’t use cliffhangers or clickbait in the title.