When is Vesteria going to lower the proce?

I am just wondering if i should save my money or if it will never change and i should just buy it.

They haven’t talked about price reductions except official release, which might be free but could also probably stay the same if the community was annoyed enough.

It says in the description they don’t plan to lower the price.

Bereza has said he hopes to make it completely free eventually on stream

Thanks, :slight_smile:

So yeah you have a very long time if ever for a price decrease.

Ok thanks

On steam?

He most likely meant the Twitch Stream. Not Steam.

Oh I misread, I thought it said steam.

Haha, that’s great.

800 R$ isn’t even that much

Maybe not for you.

800robux is a lot :frowning:

lmao, broke people. am I rite? or am I rite.

(this is a joke if your 3 brain cells couldn’t tell)

Idk man 3 brain cells is a lot.