When is the patch OwO

Wasn’t it supposed to happen on Saturday. I’m gonna be annoyed if it happens on Monday because I’m busy like most the week.

Anyone know anything about it?

It Already Happened.

False, its not released. The devs have been silent.

But They Did Patch Multiple Stuff Yesterday…

No, the patch would be a big update, not only changing spawns of spiders and making a chest golden. Otherwise, that would be disappointing for a “medium-sized” update.

Still A Patch Though.

It was a patch but not the main content update. If it was, the version in the top right would of changed to 1.1.0 since that is the update scheduled for the 17th.

Still A Patch Though

Legit what I just said

Patch is somewhat different from a update.

Patch is somewhat a update but to mainly fix bugs, glitches and to adjust minor things.

An actual update gives out new big content to players, adjust major things (like XP curve), and more.

That Is Why I Said Patch.

Nofearon is correct. The original poster was asking “When is the patch OwO”. The patch has already happened. The update has not.

well its kinda obvious that hes wants to know about the content update lmao

There is a difference between taking things too literally and actually giving them the answer they want to hear.

Sorry dad