When is the next application to become a tester?

i would like to apply to become a tester but i have no idea when next application is, if you know please tell me THANKS!

They’ll announce when there are new tester applications. There will most likely be a forum post and a discord notification. Seeing as how tester app’s were a decent time ago, I don’t think there will be another one for a few months.

Probably by the end of this month

ook but where will they announce? discord?

ok ty

There will probably be a forums post like last time along with a ping on discord.

ok, ive never seen an aplication on forums, but ill keep an eye out

Here it is.

There will likely be a tester application next month around this time, as the devs are doing monthly tester purges now

Its closed :flushed:

Question answered. Keep watch for tester applications reopening regularly. :eyes: