When do you guys think mosnters will drop class-weapons

judging from this Saturday test today, or on 10/6/18, I think that’s not gonna happen, but I think it’ll happen eventually. What kind of monsters would drop warrior-class weapons? like undead warriors or something, hunters, maybe uh notorious hunter who is infamous and by beating him he gives you a class-weapon. ok those are bosses, but about mobs I don’t know

All I ask All I want is that a monster doesn’t just drop 1 weapon like bosses should drop weapons that are rare to get like it could drop a legendary variant a epic or rare version of the weapon. With many different skills that can come with it. So the user can enjoy the satisfaction finding something that is good.

I Personally Don’t Think They’ll Ever Will Drop Class Specific Weapons.

why wouldn’t they?

I think there might be cool raid/dungeon/instance bosses you need to have really good gear for that might drop extremely rare class specific weapons. (I know I play too much WoW.)

I Just Don’t Believe They Will Drop Those Weapons.

wouldn’t it be boring just grinding cash all the time just to buy weapons all the time, that works of course just is bland.

Maybe there could be variants (remodels if certain mobs) of mobs that drop weapons that are balanced in power and the same level for different classes. It would make an equal opportunity for all classes to grind the mob that drops the weapon they are looking for.

Edit: The weapons could possibly be of the same concept,but in different forms.

meta close pls