When attempting to go to the next region, I kept dying to unexplainable damage

When trying to exit the starter area (toward the woods), I was constantly damaged by nothing in particular, and the further out in the woods I went, the worse the damage would get to the point I die by the time I reach the first mobs in the forest. At first I believed this to be a means of keeping players in the starter area, but after hearing about regions and classes, I cant help but think its a serious gamebreaking bug.

This bug is different then what most expect it to be.

I did some research on it while in game and found out this:
There was a damage effect in all “hostile” areas that would hurt everything that had a health bar. Contrary to popular belief which is that the enemies had broken range, it was a lingering damage effect. I noticed this when I saw some mushrooms in the mushroom forest randomly dying as well. I saw they took the same damage as us from the damage, so it wasn’t them causing the bug.

I may be wrong and the enemies may be the source of the problem, but my improvised research showed me the results above. If a developer could look into this it would be very appreciated.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with your theory, but here’s something else odd. Now that there are no players on the server, this bug doesn’t seem to happen. Even with all of the grinding I’ve done, I haven’t experienced any further random damage. It may be due to the servers being re-created (it is unloaded with no players on it), but I feel like it would have happened again after enough grinding.

Part 2 to the ‘random damage’ hypothesis:
Maybe there was a problem with the damage scripts that it couldn’t handle the amount of players swinging their weapons:
Here are my three guesses on what might have happened:
1- The large amount of players all using their weapons at the same time caused a weapon script overload, causing the script to do damage anywhere, generally where players were, and sometimes enemies.
1- Solution: Maybe y’all should stop swinging your weapons around all willy-nilly.
2- An unknown error occurred. It’s simple. Some error happened in the game, and now damage is happening everywhere.
2- Solution: This is up to the devs to fix.
3- Enemy target script failure. The enemy script couldn’t comprehend the amount of players in the server, and this caused the script to lag. This would explain damage from seemingly nowhere. You had taken that damage, just not in the position you are currently in. This would also explain why some enemies were unresponsive.
3- Solution: More or less the same as the solution for hypothesis 2.

Personally, my best guess is #3.
While i was taking damage in the Enchanted Forest, the area where I would get hit seemed to move around like a spider. Not only this, but my character would automatically look towards the area where this seemingly invisible spider would be.

Another odd thing that happened (I didn’t experience this first hand, so I’m not sure how this works) was that according to the person I was in a call with, whenever they would attack an invincible enemy, the players on the server would take damage. I have no clue if this actually caused it, or if that was just a coincidence.

The only reason I think #3 is a bit iffy is because I noticed the enemies were taking damage as well, not just players.

I think that could be caused by invisible players, as that was a problem I experienced during the playtest. Now that I think of it, someone should probably report that as well.

I did not experience the invisible players problem, but my computer is pretty overkill for roblox so.

I have a pretty good computer as well, I think it was more of a problem with there being so many players that the game did not display players correctly or something.


All I know, is it kept me from playing the game for more then an hour or two. I would appreciate it if the developers help remedy this gamebreaking bug, if it was unintentional.

Gotta love TEST runs eh?

Yeah, we’ll be investigating all the bugs reported from the play-test two days ago and fixing them as best we can.

I hope to have everything back in working order by then.

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I thank you for that.