When are they going to hire mods?

I’ve been playing with berezaa for awhile now on vestertia im even on his twitter post we our all wondering when are mods/Veterans coming out?

This is a good question, I love this game from the limited time i’ve played it and I would love to be a mod for the game.

We already have a few trusted members moderating our community, if we decide we need more in a more public fashion, we’ll make a post about it. It’s possible you might be picked if you’re super active on the forums.

Of course, appreciate it for taking time out of your life to come and talk to us. That’s a real dev right there.

Noted, time to get some activity going on this forum.

Probably not until Nov. when the game goes into Paod Access. Right now, the development team still has about 6 more weeks left for the Incubator Project time limit. So likely after Nov. when they the Incubator project comes to a close, at least for the game, is when they may start posting moderator application forums if they struggle to meet with the activity of the community. This is of course, just my theory with some ideas concerning moderator applications.

I’m waiting for the announcement!

Ahahaha, Same here bud.