What's your favorite holiday?

As winter comes around more holidays come.

What’s your favorite holiday?


  • Holiday name.
  • Why you like that holiday.
  • What the holiday about.
  • What you do during the holiday?

  • Or you don’t celebrate any.

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christmas it’s not about jesus christ it’s celebrating winters solstice why do i like it cause you get a bunch of stuff and get to party like it was meant to be it was a festival basically what i do i set up decorations out side i guess?

Christmas is about family. That’s why here at Walmart, we’d like you to go home to your family this Christmas and be happy. Walmart, a happy place. To celebrate happiness, over here a Walmart, come down to our store and buy your family something they’d like. Walmart, sharing the Christmas spirit. Don’t forget, with every purchase you make this Christmas, at Walmart, we’ll be donating a small portion to charity because we care. Walmart, looking out for the small guy. We at Walmart all hope your Christmas goes well, goodbye! C:

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I get things
the birthday of Jesus Christ
get presents + set up decorations

W A L M A R T, a happy place.

Christmas, I like it because we always have our family get together and we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We sit near the tree and give gifts to the ones we love for them to love more. It is enjoyable for me to buy something for someone I love. In my family we go to my grandmothers house and we usually have a dinner, then hand out gifts. <3 I love the winter vibes and the decorations people put up around the city. <3

Christmas, everyone is in their rooms using their gifts. Christmas is about sharing and giving. I, stay in my room and play switch games

imma do something amazing annnnnnnd…. NOT say Christmas!

  • Thanksgiving

  • I like Thanksgiving because:
    A. I get to eat lots of food.
    B. Every 4 years my birthday is on Thanksgiving so I get presents AND food. HA! (I mean I get presents and food even if it’s not on the exact same day as Thanksgiving but ya.)
    C. Ya that’s abt all.

  • Holiday is abt Pilgrims coming to North America for the first time to settle and stuff

  • I go to my Grandparent’s or Great Grandparent’s house and we eat food and I get presents and that’s abt all