What's The Purpose of Hunter?

What would be the best route if you were a hunter? I don’t think it would be damage because warriors have the strongest melee, if subclasses were here then being a brute would deal the most damage no?

What makes the hunter special from the two other classes and what type of abilities would be the best to capitalize on??

uuhhhh ranged attacks

Warriors get Physical Damage Roll, Grondpound, other things i dont know about
Mages get Magic Damage Blink
Hunters get ranged weapons (dagger throw) double jump

but y would u want that when u could be a battle mage that will be favored by berezza chief

Basically, take out stronger enemies swiftly before going to an area that’s safe, like a tree and then just do it until you can move on to another spot or area. Does sound quite boring but the Hunter is still very good for fighting many enemies at once!

but.,.,…,.,. warrior roll and mace swing.,.,.,.,.,

I think the best route would be a Balance between:

-Dexterity: Come on now. XD
No, but seriously, I think Dexterity should be balanced with the other two because, it raises Damage Slightly, adds more stamina, can let you land criticals easier, and can, when it comes out, let you dodge attacks easier.

-Intellect: The Mana pool specifically. But… it’s nothing if not paired up with…

-Vitality: Not only does it regen HP faster, it also regens MP faster.

I think, for a Hunter, that these three would be perfect together.

Let me know if this helped or not.

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The goal for Hunters (as said by devs) is to have a fast moving dps that gets in close, does insane dmg, then retreats and heals back up to do it again. Dex should be your main skill, with str if you are looking to be assassin subclass and int if you are looking to be raanger subclass. (i rlly have no idea how alchemist will be played so no tips on that)