What's the deal with the update?

Hi everyone, just wanted to keep you in the loop about the update that was supposed to release on Saturday.

We were hoping to release it last Sunday or Monday, but I think at this point we are going to end up releasing it this Friday or Saturday.

This last two weeks have been insanely chaotic. Both Polymorphic and sk3let0n moved out, and I’ve been stuck in the Bay Area with “Extremely Unhealthy” air quality due to the wildfire smoke. I didn’t have a mask so every time I had to walk my dog I always came home lightheaded and tired. The air is just now becoming breathable. I also had something personal happen over the weekend.

Going forward, we may abandon the “update exactly every 2 weeks on Saturday” idea and just start updating whenever we’re ready. We’ll still shoot for an update every 2 weeks, but we may release later or earlier depending on when we’re ready.

Finally, a reminder about our public Trello board:


We use Trello to track bugs and features, and we’ve made it public for the sake of transparency so you can see what we’re working on and vote on the things that matter the most to you. Check it out here: https://trello.com/b/BjAua5bi/vesteria-board


Aye, what kind of dog do you have?

a grade-A good boy



That is one good boy, give him a treat for me. :dog:
@Aries, that at this good boy!

Now that’s what I call a good boy.

No worries ber, this stuff happens. I wish you the best of luck with whatever’s going on.

He’s a good boy. :slight_smile:

He is best boy. He’s so cute and fluffy uwu

I expected you to tell Berezaa to give you the good boy or else… I’m highly dissapointed.

Yeah we know things happen, stuff like this push us harder and make us stronger. Hope for the best of whats happening over there and good luck with everything!!:+1::crossed_swords::dagger::mage:

One belly rub for every time someone says good boy.

This is my Good Girl, she comes and snuggles up against me

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Looks like your forcing her to “snuggle” with you.
(Just a joke)

All my dogs are like that, they come up to me and jump on me, especially her! C:

Music Starts
Starts Recording on Tik Tok
I was busy thinking bout Dogs. RUFF

Can I have your dog plz?

Only if I can have your soul.

My dogs are lazy and fat.

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Lmao, let me go find Bear, my super strong, super fast, super dumb dog.

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