What's the Best/Worst Faction?

I’ve generally here people say Hunter/Mage is the worst, but I want a direct feed. Even if it’s impossible to directly compare factions because each one has specific specialties, I still want to here what y’all think.

–btw I’m warrior

I’m really not liking warrior all that much, maybe it’s my build, but none of the offensive abilities seem useful at all, the roll is absurdly good for moving about, but the lunge/dive just aren’t that great and don’t hit very often unless you are right on the enemy, meanwhile Mage/Hunter seem pretty balanced and able to dish out reasonable damage with their abilities, and teleport is okay, and I’m not sure what the Hunter has to offer. But over all I’m really not impressed with Warrior.

Mages are very unbalanced and bad currently and I’d say they are the worst. Their auto-aim ruins their spells. but then again they only have 1 offensive spell. Zap is broken and doesn’t do damage, and Blink doesn’t even have a sound effect. However, mages are soon to be fixed so this may change.

In reality, the best class is what you’re best at playing.

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Amen, brudda! xD