What's new with the game

I’ve been completely inactive since soon after the rubees were added, what’s all been added since then?

Not really sure what was around during the rubee era as I didnt play the game much during then, As of now we have a coloseium for fighting, a spider boss raid, a mushroom raid, a yeti boss, an upcoming tiki boss, theres alot more that I cant be bothered to talk about too.

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I stopped playing after they planned to make a 20% exp penalty when you die if that helps you remember the time better

Did that properly get added btw?

No, no death penalties that was scrapped

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Rangers got nerfed HARD. They’re pretty garbage now. Mages still somehow got nerfed and are garbage as well. Melee hunter is alright. Warriors are meta because of ground slam

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There is a money and upgrade wipe so any upgrades on your weapons and any money you got? Poof gone

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I still have my +2 sickle and 47 silver. Do you mean upcoming?

Orb has been removed

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Yes wipe is upcoming

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Upcoming. Was going to be Sat but delayed.

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Thanks for the info y’all

New underwater map attached to scallop is also of note. Mages got a city through enchanted and several new abilities


The mage base got added, heh.