Whats holding you guys back?

You guys clearly have all you need… i think? You have sk3l3t0n making maps, you hired a guy to make mobs and i think you got someone for animations… so why aren’t you doing much? We’ve seen like 4 new mobs, including the boar, bee, and a few more, but they haven’t been added… How come? Are you waiting for skeleton to make the areas for them or something?

The goblins are going to be in the enchanted forest, so I’m trying to figure this out myself.

To program an aiming system for every skill is a lot harder then you think. They’ve said this before, but once they get all the base stuff down, development will be much faster. And yes, skeleton has to finish the Enchanted Forest


Before they showed the throwing thing i saw posts saying they were finally done with the base game and getting ready to add more content, and then they keep adding stuff to the base

A simple rule of development is “don’t think you’re finished,” berezaa and his team probably felt like they had a good base, then compared it to their plans, and realized they still had much more room for improvement.