What's happened in Vesteria?

I haven’t played ever since Forsaken Isle, can anyone fill me in on the updates that have happened so I know what to not do?

this sums it up quite nicley

Since Forsaken Isle (November 8 2019):

  • SQR no longer has a maximum level (you can play it past level 30)
  • Ability balance changes (nothing major I don’t think).
  • Bloodmage Robes and Gladiator Armor have perks now.
  • Mushroom Forest and Mushtown remakes (multiple times)
  • Intro is now interactive at the end and you die in the intro.
  • Player collisions are back.
  • Stamina is back.
  • Perks changed to unlock at half their original requirements (for the most part)
  • Experience numbers have commas.
  • SQR gives 1 million xp when you beat it.
  • Lures got buffed slightly to now more often spawn giant enemies.
  • Death penalty.
    • If you die in a non-city map or the Colosseum, then you enter a “you died” screen
    • Here, you either need a cleric to revive you or you can respawn with a penalty (if you run out of time the second option happens.
    • If you choose to respawn, then you lose 10% of your current money and 20% Max EXP for your level (so if you have to have 10 million exp to level up to the next level, you will lose 2 million exp on death) (If you don’t have 2 million exp then you just go down to 0, you don’t de-level)
  • Trading tax of 30% mushcoins
  • New Sorcerer Skill: Meteor (replaces fireball, has a much larger area)
  • UI changes
  • New default keybinds
  • New level up formulas
    • More EXP per mob, but mobs do more damage and have more health
    • When you level up, you gain more defence and more attack automatically.
  • Servers with less players now have less mob spawns.
  • Lost Corridor now has global PvP and the death penalty (the only map in the game like this so far)
  • Crossroads shop no longer exists.
  • Seaside Path, Crabby Den and The Clearing re-added.
  • Equipment Variants added (items dropped from mobs have a chance to give special stats)
  • Pear and Banana trees added (Pear in Nilgarf, Banana in Port Fidelio)
  • Other various bug fixes.

There’s a few other smaller things that we’re added, but I think this about sums it up. Soon (apparently the end of this week maybe) the biggest content expansion to Vesteria, the Gauntlet and Whispering Dunes is going to be coming out. Hopefully you’ll be there for it!


Adding onto Weapon Variants, items with boosted Stats or devolved stats can drop from any mob with items (excluding pants and hats for the moment) but boss drops will only ever be positive variants or no variant.

The positive variants are Keen (+INT), Vibrant (+VIT), Swift (+DEX), Fierce (+STR) and then Pristine (base stat+ bonus EXP) and Legendary (improved Pristine stats). I am aware the chance for a stat Variant is 26.9% (6.725% chance for a specific stat variant), Pristine being 3% and Legendary being 0.1% - the Variant is generated after the drop is allocated (to my knowledge but someone can correct).

The additions vary on the items level.


Just a reminder that theres a search bar

I thought I was caught up with the current updates yet I’m surprised by someone of these

Adding on to the death penalty thing, death penalty is not active in SQR as of right now

I think you mean ‘other than the Colosseum’

There’s also an apple tree at Mushtown but very high effort.

Oh sweet