What's a good sorcerer build?

also what’s the current mage meta?

All out int with max meteor and frostcall 9 earth call 1

max mage bomb and and max thundercall blink 1

magic missle 2 rock toss 1 and regeneration 5

134 int
10 dex
5/5 magic missile
3/5 regen
10/10 mana bomb
5/5 blink
5/10 thundercall
10/10 meteor
10/10 frostcall

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I think lvl 10 Multibomb (30 DEX, no STR or VIT), Webbed Staff, lvl 10 Meteor, lvl 10 frostcall, lvl 10 thundercall, lvl 1 blink, lvl 2 magic missile (for low CD, only used with Astrologist’s Scepter).

Also, I have a Chitin Scythe +12 and an Astrologist’s Scepter +8, the astro staff is ONE point better despite having only +8. Currently after Holies (three b/c horrible armor, one for scythe, one for staff).

looks like we have the same luck, terrible that is :man_facepalming:

either 5 dex or 10 dex, the rest into int
Max bomb, max blink, never use thundercall
max meteor, max icecall
archomagus set (The dunes one)
Astro staff

Horrible luck? No, it was bound to fail eventually. I was stupid and tried 3 Ancient INTs on my astro staff, my Chitin, one was bound to fail eventually.

My armor, though? Yeah, that was horrible luck. Three successful Great DEFs, but four fails IN A ROW.

Why not? Thundercall is a very good skill, especially combined with Meteor or Flare.

Thundercall to me is like a weaker meteor with less range and can kill less mobs. Meteor is just stronger overall and blink is better for QoL.

Thundercall is like cheap Meteor. Use Thundercall while Meteor is on CD or in the instance of when either would one-hit (like Spiderlings, Thundercall is decent against them if Flare/Meteor is unavailable).

ok so for sorcerer do all but. bit but robes btw. or hat. all int. intintintintint

Regarding the Mana Star part, won’t the stars be weaker if the Magic Missile isn’t maxed out?

i got 2 great defs to work then the rest failed :man_facepalming:

I’m not entirely sure, I don’t think so, because I saw a Mage main saying to use low CD missile with stars.

intintintintintintintintint for sorcerer

Cooldown vs damage vs mana cost means that despite slightly higher damage, 5/5 takes more mana and has a longer cooldown, so it’s worse.