Whatcha want out of the next update?

I literally proposed that and she retorted with that lmao

Ranger’s current AA12 build of rangerstancing then obliterating bosses and standard mobs alike is more inflationary than ToTD. Please don’t delay in addressing this.

Speaking of which, +1 on Metapoly’s suggestion of having something to put mushcoin in.
It could even be like some most donated title for each faction - just having a place to dump mushcoin in and whoever dumps the most gets the title/statue.

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Although I want a guild expansion update the most, I find that a lot of people complain about Vesteria being too open world and I believe a “story” could benefit the game with that.

I don’t really have ideas for a main questline but if the developers look into many stories/fanfics made by members of the community could give the developers some ideas of a main questline. A lot of level 10-20 players I see playing just ask “What quests can I do?” and I feel that more quests could actually made the game less grindy and have a better vibe to the game.

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Vanguard winning.

honestly vanguard are such jokesters they’re pretty funny

Out of all the things, yall chose guilds? :neutral_face:

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better lore, or make some lore a bit clear, and add more Peregrine race npc

with some of my suggestions from
My suggestion post I made with Mark about lore

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pulls anti-anti guild spray out

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A balance update. It’s not the most interesting update, but it’s well needed. Most subclasses could benefit immensely from some tweaks. Chests still don’t work. There is no way to contribute towards bosses when DPS subclasses do 90% of the damage. A rework of boss contribution would be appreciated.

And please, no hybrid subclasses until the other are in a good state. It’s a cool idea, but there are just too many issues with normal subclasses rn.


Some sort of map that you can find in chests or get from a quest.

Oh, and also…
cough Game Masters cough

Although I want guild updates primarily, getting some new ability sets sounds pretty great too. What if we had some all-class skills similar to the adventurer skills, that could be obtained through an item perk?

literally what did I say in the op lol

i feel guild updates would be best so we have something other to do than grind all day

Look man I’m tired and I can’t read. My apologies, lol.

I’d like to see mid-game getting some refreshments in the next update
Level 23 - 35 is a very boring grind, with no quests, no level 25 - 32 area, and it kind of just lacks the polish the early game has

On a side note, I’d like to see classes becoming as fun to grind as Ranger.
Ranger is a fun class to grind mainly because of the fun perks you gain simply by leveling up. You’ll feel motivated to level up because you know you’ll get interesting things alongside with it, for example, extra arrows.
Warriors and melee hunters severely lack any interesting perks, thus being quite boring to grind. This struck me when I was grinding as an Assassin. You don’t gain much from leveling up apart from being able to equip higher level gear, and barebones skills.

dont get me wrong rangers need a nerf and other classes need slight buffs/tweaks


So a new area…

Do things that should have been done a long time ago.

Actually add fishing. Actually add extra bank storage. Remove stamina. Stop removing things just to make people pay for them. At least make the game worth playing over something else if it’s going to be so annoying.


Im mostly interested in a new dungeon for dunes and some guild updates. Those are at the top of my list

Please, just please add a button where you can join friends. I’m tired of blocking 8 people to join my friend and then crashing.

This comment didn’t age well