What would you want the "main quest" of Vesteria to look like?

lore is fun

I feel the game from Nilgarf or Mushtown should have quests that go on for a while helping people out going for a while
There should be 1 main story in general that every player can and should follow
1 slightly smaller story for every class
1 Decent sized story for subclasses
Basically every time you play the game there will be a new way to play
Unless you play it for the tenth time but by that point the player shouldn’t be expecting a story

Also what Atom Said Lore is fun add lore


I’d like to see the ‘Disconnected, episodic quests’ stylization.

Or rather, just have a bunch of larger questlines that scale from the start of the game all the way to the end, which tie into eachother in some shape or form.

Seeing some posts from people that should have voted “other” lol


Will this be an actual thing next update or…?

Referring to the Darkmatter Forest:

I want Terul to mess shiz up (like the shroompocalypse) and us having to resolve it in one, epic quest lasting the whole game

Like, why the heck else would we be doing all this?
Monster of the week? Bullpoop!

I want to destroy the god of all evil with my neon longsword!

A disconnected story line that kind of builds into the epic would be nice. Having every quest contributing to the epic would make the game feel not as… adventurous I guess? You know, just having to do everything planned out for you until you reach the end doesn’t feel too good, at least for me .

Yeah my bad lol i voted then posted that 10 minutes later lmao

I think the first portion of vesteria (say level 1-90) should be mostly about the adventures getting quests that leads up to them become Trainees or cadets for their class. Then the next portion of the game (100-150) would have the player getting certain quests that will improve their progress of becoming a faction leader class mage, hunter, or warrior. The final part of the game (level 150-200) would basically be the players adventuring around going on “Raids” (Like giant dungeons with world level bosses. An example would be monster that are like the 3 great quests from dan machi level.) The story would basically for the players to become legendary adventurers.

I think that the “main quest” of Vesteria could actually take some references from fanfics from players of the community, most notably @Bluemin_Sword who has a lot of experience writing Vesteria stories and has taken a lot of time finding things about the game’s lore. @Firebrowl also has written a story with 2 chapters (which I still hope he can continue) which I find to have a potential and gives the warlocks an interesting backstory.

However, I think that Vesteria does not have enough lore to create a “main quest” now and needs to develop more of its backstory which me and Blue have summarized and given ideas on Does Vesteria lack Lore? I hope the developers can take some inspiration from it and give the game a more lively feel to help the game with a steady story.

I do understand it is hard for the team to rush out everything and have everyone be happy though. Nice work done @Davidii and I hope you read all this.

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A story about how Fred destroyed both Terul and Vesra and became the number one god.

The problem with a connected story is that it feels like everyone is the same. Everyone has the same “Oh, I saved the Mushroom King and brought Chad back as a knight into a kingdom after he went bad! Then I defended the hunter’s base from the rubees that attacked and found the Boss Rubee and had him/her defeated! Then I went to Nilgarf as the main quest guy/friend has told me to do so, and now there are bandits everywhere oh no oh no! Went to the Spider Queen and beat her up because she kept the bandit leader in webs to get his gang to do as the queen demands, oh no! Then, I was told by the main quest guy to take a visit to Redwood so he can find a baby yeti to get as a pet, but then found many broken trees everywhere, oh no! Turns out the Yeti is at fault, defeated him. Oh no, main quest guy has got a call from the sailors of Port Fidelio saying that they’ve found a mysterious island! Turns out a tribe lives here, and prays to a magic god that causes whatever pollution that we no likey so just beat it up or something. Suddenly, as you come back from the forsaken isle and back to Port Fidelio, bandits are planning on an attack on the Port so the main quest guy tells you that you should defeat the entire bandit faction by defeating their army outside the Gauntlet and defeating their camps within the Whispering Dunes. You go in the Whispering Dunes and defeat the bandit camps and Oasis town thanks you! You then get called by the main quest guy and he says: “Come on, lets take a vacation at [coming soon]!””

i played maplestory 2, and i hate it because of whatever the quest was idk i deleted it


It should have multiple story options like if you want to cook Chad into soup or save him

if you want milk, do you kill a cow or milk it


Or do you buy gnome milk?

Gnomette will remember that

To be honest, id like a complete but elusive story line that can be interpreted in many ways.

I agree, these connected stories are simply absurd and to be honest, it’s much more disconnected than a disconnected story

I agree with some of the other people here. Having technically “disconnected” stories that still lead to one major plot seems like a great option.

For example, we could have an evil guy named Bob. He slowly picks up artifacts and spells we didn’t know there were, and eventually, he becomes our major boss we really did not know would be the boss. (Of course we would have seen him before though) This is just an example of what I mean. I know I’m no good with making stories

Cmon, kid you’re making me feel bad.

i’ll make chapter three ok

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also the “monster of the week” just makes us look and feel like witchers so thats a plus in my book