What would you want a crafting system to look like in Vesteria?

Disclaimer: just because I’m a developer doesn’t mean that we’re planning to add a crafting system or that, if we do add one, it will be like one of the ones suggested below. Genuinely I’m just bored right now because my Minecraft server is down and I want to see what you guys envision for a crafting system in Vesteria.

So, what would it look like? Detailed answers appreciated.



Professions for mining, crafting, fishing, woodcutting, cooking, alchemy would be epic


Honestly, I would love the crafting Bee Swarm uses. For example to make a batty dagger you would need 99x Batty Wings and 50x Ratty Tails or something like that. You could craft at the blacksmith at Stronghold too.

A mix of Albion and Runescape would fit with Vesteria, something that gives players a reason to go to previous maps keeping things relevant. Not only thinking about gathering but also make misc drops from mobs a central part of it.

Maybe locking professions per character like traditional MMO’s to push people to trade mats with one another or play additional characters.

I would want something simple, like maybe in certain places there would be a crafting area, or a person who would craft things for us, for a price.

For a “Crafting Table” I think it should be something like 3 or 5 boxes, where you can put one item in the boxes to make something, similar to Breath of The Wild’s Cooking mechanic. Or maybe you can have multiple of the same item in one box idk.

If there would be a person who would craft things for us, we would give the person the stuff & he’d make the stuff. And maybe the price to vary depending on what you’re making.

Maybe you can’t craft certain things at certain places. Like you can’t make an iron sword from a loom or a shirt from an anvil. Certain items have to be made in certain places

If a crafting mechanic does be added, there should also be some sort of inventory upgrade system. maybe a backpack or something.

if i think more ill probably add it later lol

@Davidii maybe something like this?

You can put items in the 9 spaces in a certain order to craft things.

(like a stick at the bottom plus 2 iron bars on top to make an iron sword)

A sort of crafting system that uses everything a game has, and is in Minecraft style. For instance, you want to craft something like a batty dagger? Then, you’d need one stick, and 1 stack of batty wings. Swords would be crafted simply splitting the stack, and putting it on another slot. Staffs should take 2 sticks, a guardian core or mana potions for its fuel (the amount of mana pots needed depends on the type), and would take a half of a half stack to make up for the extra things needed. Find a crafting area, (like Warrior Stronghold, but the other class cities should get different crafting areas visually) and a waiting time should be added, to emphasize going to the other cities if you want to craft something else. If you want a variant of an item, during a crafting procedure, you have a chance to get a good or bad variant. If you’d want to increase the chance of a specific variant, if your item that you plan to craft includes a weapon in it (such as a stick), a specific variant of that crafting material increases your chance in your crafted weapon getting that variant. This can also include perks such as spider fangs having “Essence Drain”

When going up to a crafting area in what ever city, it’s crafting system should be 9 boxes, like Minecraft.

Daggers would be crafted with one stack of items in one slot while swords are crafted with half stacks in 2 different slots. (stick remains the same)

No clue how to make staffs however, maybe 2 sticks with a “orb of magic” in the middle of them.

2 sticks, add a guardian core? and then the other materials i suppose or mana pots, but they take more than guardian cores

Like this

yeah, and if it were to be a batty staff, there would be 16 batty wings on each side, to make up for the extra things staffs need

Exactly what i was thinking

Cooking/Alchemy -

I would imagine something similar to how BoTW did it, where you can put whatever ingredients you want into your food/potion/whatever-maker and then depending on what you put in, the amount you put in, and the order you put it in (And maybe some other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.), you could get different food/potions/etc. Sometimes they could give special effect, sometimes the effect will last longer or shorter than normal, sometimes you might stick something in that just turns your food to a pile of mush, sometimes you could stick something together that’s incompatible and explodes in your face, giving you nothing but some blackened hair in return (Or a special debuff you could incorporate into a hidden quest somehow…? :thinking:). All of this depending on what ingredients you put in while crafting. There’s a ton more cool stuff you could do with this system that I wont mention because i’m at work, and I also probably haven’t thought of everything you could do.

Equipment Crafting -

I think it would make the most sense if you had to gather the items for the equipment you want, and then take it to a blacksmith, leatherworker, etc. and have them craft your items for you. Not many people learn the arts of Smithing, Leather tanning, Stone cutting, etc. so (imo) it would make the most sense if you did this, instead of just allowing everybody to craft their own stuff. This could also be another decent money sink if the craftsmen (or women) charged a fee for you to use their services.

Professions -

Now like I mentioned earlier, not everybody can learn how to work leather, beat metal, or even cook. Some people inherently suck at it, some have a natural talent for it. I feel this should be represented in the game by profession levels. The only example I can think of right now is how Sword Art Online did it, where you can level up your profession if you choose to, or simply ignore it. To create a more diversified market and player-player interaction/trading, you could give each player a certain amount of ‘profession points’ (Or whatever you want to call them.) so you can only be extremely good at one specific profession, and then below average-moderate in the others if they choose to invest time into those as well. This would stop people from maxing out every single profession, causing them to never need to worry about how they’ll get a certain item, etc. Each person having a specific limit to their professions would cause them to seek out others who invested into a single profession more than they did, and (once again, imo.) that creates something very beneficial for any game. Edit: Forgot to say this earlier but you should be able to buy the stations for crafting etc. (e.g. Anvils, Tanning Benches, Kitchen stuff, etc.) And place them inside your house or somewhere else (Guild Bases?), but only specific locations so you do still have to travel a bit if you want to craft things. And make it kind-of expensive to buy/get so you don’t just automatically profit and get endless money as soon as you buy it. Possibly make them upgradeable as well, dunno, haven’t thought that option out much yet.

Along with this, leveling your professions past a certain point (e.g. level 10) will start getting increasingly harder and more time consuming, with the top tiers of professions being both rewarding, and extremely hard to get. Again, I think having it be actually difficult will give those players who are hard-core enough to get it, that rewarding feeling of having something most others don’t. Oh and for the record, when i say “actually difficult”, I mean seriously, hard-core, difficult, as in takes hundreds upon maybe even thousands of hours to achieve difficult, but being well worth it if you’re willing to go that far, not some low effort, rushed, I-afk-farmed-for-9999-days-and-now-I’m-OP “difficult”.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now, might edit later if I come up with something else. Thanks for reading if you actually did.

On a side note: I personally disapprove of the common “minecraft” 3x3 grid crafting system in games like Vesteria, it just doesn’t feel right, and some stuff (placeable crafting tables etc.) doesn’t make sense to me either.

Before somebody asks, no I’m not making a tl;dr, go read or be banished to the shadow realm.


A bit like Rogue Lineage inspired

You put the material like iron and some stuff and when you do put the right material the item you want would be created or you will waste your resource if you choose a wrong recepe

Pls don’t hate me for this

Beans idea is what I think would make the most sense but, four different slots, all the profession tiers you want, so that needs to be dealt with.

Yeah, I was trying to think of a way around that but I haven’t come up with any so far…

Besides making professions universal like your bank that is, but I feel like that would cause some problems and personally I wouldn’t really like it, ruins my immersion a bit.

Well if homes are shared then it would be cool, having eight people all working on items.

I think the Minecraft clone might actually be a valid idea, it allows for my idea to work better.

The recipe book

The recipe book would be a accessible menu on the right side of your screen like the stats page and inventory, it would house crafting recipes with ingredient lists and patterns to use in the 3x3 crafting area, the catch is these recipes would need to be unlocked via quests, boss/mob kills, found in secret areas or purchased from NPC’s.

Some more common crafting recipes like ones for low tier items or for consumables can be guessed, so if you used logical thinking you would be able to guess the recipe and craft the item without the recipe which would then automatically add it to your recipe book. the reason why i say low tier or easy recipes should only have this is because someone will inevitably make a guide with all the recipes making the mechanic pointless, so higher tier recipes would require you to already have the recipe unlocked before you can craft the item

This idea also allows for some extra things to be thrown in like secret crafting recipes for people who pay attention to Berezaa’s twitter or who look for Easter eggs in-game etc. these would be one time use recipes to make a premium item like a dye or lure and would be difficult to find, and since these are one time uses you could make the 3x3 pattern (not items since then it would be unfair) of items required randomized for each person kind of like the pirate hat cipher was so people cant just cheat.

Alternate recipe book

Basically the same idea but without the 3x3 pattern area, you would simply need to find recipes to craft items. This will encourage world exploration to find hidden recipes and hidden recipe NPC’s as well as reduce inflation.

This idea has flaws and isn’t even that great but its something i have seen work successfully in other games to an extent, if anyone has additions or improvements feel free to share.

Honestly, combine the two so experience to unlock and bosses that drop while using this system, and this could be a great way to make this happen!

I dont understand what your trying to say