What would you think of a transmogrify system

A transmogrify System is where players can use a gear that may be lower level than there current gear, but they like the looks of the lower level gear than the higher level gear, so then for paying a certain amount of silver they can apply a lower level gear on their character, but the stats of the lower gear would not apply it would just be for looks, and once you furthermore add gear, players would enjoy a system like this, because a fighter must always look his best. I look forward to your responses, and what you think of this.


I’m down for rolling up to battle being the epitome of style.

so many trolling lol

An option to disable headgear would also be nice. So my majestic hair can be seen by all.

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I would love having this

Alright I did

I think this is called Vanity. And I’d like to have it in this game :smile:


I was being dumb in this post lol

So vanity slots? Like fantastic frontier?

I like the sound of this, but it reminds me of ff tho

if ur talking about something like terraria then thatd definitely be dope