What would you say is the best class right now?

  • Warriors
  • Mages
  • Hunters

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mage only good in pvp

Makes sense, since mages has really good range and even damage

Warriors probably second and hunters just suck as of now

Mages are completely broken in PvP. We had to resort to banning Zap in official Guild Battles.

Mages are broke and Warriors are broke, so logically, Hunter is the best. Why are y’all choosing Mage as best. It’s about to get revamped, too.

Cuz Zap is OP.

That’s why; Zap is broke and Mage is broke so mage is bad because it’s unbalanced

That’s not what the post is about though. He/She is asking what is the best class currently. Obviously since Mages are over powered they would be the best choice right now.

Wrong. That makes mage a target for balancing. As well as taking into account what you consider ‘best’. If we consider balanced to be best, Hunter would be the closest to it. Warrior and Mage are too unbalanced to be best.

For pvp it goes hunter<warrior<mage
For pve it goes mage<hunter<warrior

Hunter and Warrior are matched in PVP

Ask @Kenderos

Mages suck at pve farming simply because they need to constantly spam Mp pots to be able to kill things with their abilities while warrior and hunter have much better melee

Warrior has the edge because of more abilities and better mobility. The Lroll is broken af right now in pvp against hunters

One good hunter pvper doesn’t make it equal to warrior where there are a ton of great pvpers.

If I wasn’t at 9% on mobile I’d write a pros and cons list as well as a first person perspective intoduction.

If a new player heard Hunters were trash and that Mages are broken OP, their choice would most likely be Mage. What kind of player wouldn’t want to be powerful. That’s why mage is the “best”. It doesn’t matter if its unbalanced or not. It’s clearly superior to the other classes currently.

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@Devolutioner Best class= Adventurer