What will early access players get

What’s in it for the people who spend 1000 robux for early access to vesteria I haven’t spent a dime on roblox and you think I’m about to waste all that money on 1 game think twice

I’m wondering the same thing, what will we get, if we do get anything? It’d be nice to get exclusive item(s), gear, an extra slot, or maybe even an exclusive class as a reward for buying access, because 1k R$ is quite a lot for the average player. It should be worthwhile.

EDIT: A single slot being kept would also be worth it as well, like a headstart.

The developers said they would at least give Early Access players a title, but may give much more.

i only could think of a few things but one i have a strong feeling about.
1)player skin (this is so they could make money off of boxing without killing the game)
2) 1-3 dmg sword above the base weapon you start with (not a big difference but it would make some feel speechless i am one of them lol)
3) keep one of there bata characters

Even so getting to play the game itself is a gift, this game is great!

I Agree With That!

the devs. said that the game will cost 1k robux for a long time if not forever and they will never lover the price, but if it does go free to play the people that bought the game will get some sort of reward

i thought it was free to play after the 20 week period on testing we are on week 16 if i am correct.

The 20 Weeks Is Just The Incubator Project.

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Nah, they said it will be free to play ONCE there is enough content for a full release. Before that time, it will be paid access otherwise.

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ok thx of the info

it will be 1k right?

Yes it will be.


Are you sure about that