What was the point of the exp update?

It was said on twitter that the exp changes were to prevent poaching of lower level farm areas, but nobody did that to begin with. EXP already lowered the higher level you got, at the same time as exp requirement rising. It was a waste of time to try to farm lower level monsters.

There may have been many complaints about high levels killing all of the crabs, but this was because the spiders kept breaking, so that was the only place to farm. Furthermore, this doesn’t prevent the real reason players would kill things in lower level areas, which is to show off how strong they are.

People did poach lower level areas; they also autoclicked to farm XP. Mostly this was inspired by the rise of autoclick farming. The only problem I can see in the future is overcrowding in high level areas and the lack of exclusive rare drops from those lower level enemies.

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I personally never had any problems with them, and i played all day during the release. The afk farmers were pretty rare. The problems with this update are bigger than the gains. If it’s really that much of a problem to people, he should add something to disable damage if you stay in the same spot for to long.

this change was introduced due to the fact that higher level players could just farm the same monsters over and over and still level up easy, this caused most of the high-level players staying on lower level areas making it harder for lower level players (the people that should be there) to level up normally.
this was so bad that some people began to afk farm and while it never was a big issue it was a problem that needed to be fixed

If it was such a big issue, why did i never witness it? The only time high levels were annoying was when i was farming crabs. Their reason for being there was that the spiders were currently broken. Did you personally have trouble progressing in the game because of high levels farming in lower areas?

no, because I was one of those high levels so that might change something a bit
but also yes since people that are level 27 (me being level 20) are constantly stealing kills and making it hard to level up even on spiders now that they are fixed

I personally played with 8 other high level players farming spiders yesterday, and had no trouble finding enough kills. The spiders spawn in large amounts, and there’s a spider on the surface that respawns instantly every time it dies. Also, if you want exp the focus shouldn’t be just the spiders but also the spider boss, which gave several hundred to over a thousand exp per kill.

thanks for telling me how the game works : /
and idk how it is now that the spiders have been fixed since before it was hard to even get 2 kills
but whatever the deal is I can tell you that it wasn’t good and this is a welcome change (doesn’t mean I like it but it had to be done)

As far as i can tell this change hurts more people than it helps. I wouldn’t mind this adjustment if it wasn’t as severe. I’m level 24, if i killed a spider every 4 seconds consistently, it would take almost 3 hours for me to level up once. That’s killing things that are 2/3rd my level. 43,000 exp to get to level 25. Almost no real MMO’s have a exp curve that harsh.

Keep in mind you are farming on Level 15 mobs as a Level 24. The XP curve makes it so you get way less from lower leveled mobs. You’ll have to be patient until they add higher leveled mobs.

I mentioned exactly that, level 15 mobs, as level 24. They are 2/3rd my level, i shouldn’t be getting 1/2400th my exp per kill.

Players at Lvl.20 were auto-clicking Elder Shrooms and Crabbys (enemies 10-15 levels below them) to level up. They were doing this because the XP curve made it viable to.

Now, autoclickers will have to spend over 10 times the amount of time to level up by doing this, while players who are fighting monsters at their level or higher will level up faster than they did before.

That was the point of the update. We just need to add higher level monsters now.

More info: Big Changes to the XP Curve. Don't Panic!


But Sir! We Have More Enemies Above Level 15! Does That Mean People Above Level 15 Level Up Even Slower?!
Yes This Was Sarcasm But Also A Real Question At The Same Time.