What was the first video game you have ever played and enjoyed a lot? =^.^=

Mine was 3D-space cadet on windows, also known as full tilt pinball.


Ages ago me and my sister used to play this game on Windows called Purble Place, it’s a really weird game looking back on it now but it was still very memorable.


I only played minesweeper. Thanks.

Free realms… I’ll miss you. ;(

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Def minecraft or roblox. Before those I played this one marble game on my mother’s phone.

Old Nintendo DS games, but Roblox reaaaally brought out my inner roleplayer so I really gotta give it to Roblox

…and Mario Party Advanced


I played a game called toontown online

i’m pretty sure it was this one marble game, i forgot the name though

I think it was those wii sports games i had when i was younger, then i moved on to skylanders which i now know was a huge waste of money, but hey i was like 7, i played club penguin a bit on a free acount and webkinz, that’s about it before i discovered roblox when i was like 8-9

it’s gotta be Roblox. this Tuesday is actually my 6th year on Roblox, so that’s nice

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For me, I think it was Pokemon Emerald. I may have played some game before that, but that’s the only game I remember playing for extended periods of time.

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I used to play Club Penguin. Kinda similiar. They both shutdown though rip.

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Mine was lego universe b4 it was shut down.

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the first ever game i ever played was monkey quest for the pc. it sadly has shutdown just like almost every free mmo game created company thats host tv shows

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the first games I ever played were flash games
after that was Roblox
the 1st real game i ever played was Team Fortress 2

.>implying roblox isnt a real game

:rage: angery

@SpinShootScore Roblox is a game site and not a game but I still love it to bits
if I could remember the 1st Roblox game I ever played I would tell you

is it super fidget spinner obby

@SpinShootScore i joined in 2015…

super nae nae obby